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Humphrey is 3 years old. He doesn't go to nursery yet so he spends his days at home with Mum and Baby Jack while Lottie goes to school. Humphrey has lots of toys but his best friend is Mop the rabbit.
Mop had two ears when he was new but one got lost. Mop has to stay with Humphrey all the time, otherwise he says Mop will definitely get lonely.
Humphrey's favourite thing is to go outside into the garden 
He says hello to Tree, the snails and Miss Ladybird, makes dirt tracks in the ground for his wooden cars, and mud sludge drinks for Lottie for when she gets back from school.
Lottie is a boisterous energetic head strong 5 year old. 
She does have a very sweet caring side but mostly she likes to be In Charge.
It used to be a lot easier, but now Baby Jack can get about with a walker and sit on his push along truck, which means that Mum keeps getting bruises on her ankles.
Humphrey doesn't usually mind being the servant when Lottie is Queen, or the patient when Lottie is Nurse, but when Baby Jack gets bored and crawls off and doesn't want to play anymore, its ok because Lottie has 5 babies that need lots of taking care of.
Baby Jack is the smiliest, happiest, noisiest year old.
Mum says she doesn't know how much volume can come from the smallest member of the family.
Baby Jack really likes his dinners.
His favourites are mashed banana, strawberries and rice pudding.
Cheeky Monkey has to go in the washing machine a lot.
It was SO much easier when she had a job..but of course Mum wouldn't change it for the world.  
When Baby Jack has his morning sleep she has some extra time to make jam tarts with Humphrey, or go to Lottie's babies tea party.
Dad works hard in the city and has to leave extra early for work, but sometimes Mum gets up first. 
Dad says that one day they are all going to move to the seaside and open a guest house and eat chips on the beach and watch the sunset. But until then he has long days at the office.
For Mum's Birthday Dad took her on a weekend away, for a lovely dinner in a posh restaurant and then to the theatre and afterwards they ended up dancing the night away in a live music bar.  Mum tried passionfruit and espresso.. and french martini's. She loved them all. It took them a while to get back to the hotel.
Dad tries to get back early on a Friday. Humphrey uses all of his train pieces to make an extra big track ready to show him when he gets in.
Mum made a weekly Being Good Chart for Humphrey and Lottie with stick on stars. She also made one for Dad to see, with a date night once a week, when Granny would come and babysit, and 3 hours every other Saturday afternoon for Mum Me Time. She meant to go for a swim and be healthy, but went shopping instead and had cake. A big bit.
Granny and Grandad live 20 minutes away on the bus or on a sunny day, an hours walk across Duffy's hill and 3 fields.
Granny always makes something nice when she knows the children are coming to visit. Her best recipes are carrot muffins, flapjacks or Humphrey's favourite, cherry cakes. 
Lottie and Humphrey both have their own little patch in Grandad's allotment. 
They were both very excited to grow something. Humphrey planted carrots and pansies and Lottie planted lettuces and strawberries. But she cried when the slugs ate her lettuces as soon as they grew, and after that she wasn't interested anymore.
Mum tries her best, but knows if the house is ever going to be tidy it will only be for the hour before bed, that if she gets a chance to make a cup of tea it will be cold before she drinks it, and that after the last horsey ride and bedtime story is read, she will flop on the sofa exhausted.
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