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To our Official Humphrey's Corner website!

Find out more about Humphrey, his family and my journey in creating him and his world. Humphrey's town map, house and garden are great fun for children to explore!

We have an online shop selling Humphrey's Corner personalised greeting cards and prints, soft toys, books, baby skin care and gifts. You can also meet my other characters, Strawberry's Kisses and My Unusual Friends.

Become Humphrey's facebook friend and we will keep you updated with the latest news and what our little elephant has been up to.

We love to see Humphrey's young friends on there too, in their Humphrey's Corner outfits, or well loved toys and drawings of Humphrey.

It really makes our day!

With very best wishes

                                                 Humphrey's Mum :)


In association with Doodle-Doo you can now order personalised Humphreys Corner Greetings Cards.